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OnlineStoreSG Brand Story


About OnlineStoreSG

OnlineStoreSG, registered under the name ‘OnlineStore’ (Business Reg.53257680B) was founded on the 26th of March 2014, and launched on the 11th April 2014.

It started off as an affiliate to top online sites based in Singapore, 

OnlineStoreSG‘s products ranges from Health & Beauty to Digital & Electronic products.


Vision of OnlineStoreSG:

OnlineStoreSG aims to serve as a informative platform for both buyers and sellers to exchange value and enjoy great savings on items that everyone love to have.

OnlineStoreSG aims to become Singapore’s leading online marketplace and OnlineStoreSG plans to expand into other Asian countries in the near future.


Slogan of OnlineStoreSG:

Bespoke, Be unique, Be yourself
For A Healthiful YOU


Services provided:

Article writing, Banner design, Logo design, Fortune telling using destiny cards, Relationship advice,   


Other sites: