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    Marcus C. S. Tan is the Owner of OnlineStore (Biz. Reg. No.: 53257680B)

    I’m from sunny/wet Singapore and that’s me and my wife which was taken during an ice art sculpture exhibit a few years back.

    Professionally, I have 6 1/2 years experience in the Retail industry working and I graduated with a Bsc. in Pharmaceutical Management from the University of Bradford (UK).

    I have been in the internet marketing scene since December 2009 and constantly learning the ropes. The 8 years experience was applied to build websites/blogs using wordpress and shopify and I manage several social media accounts.

    I had built blogs in the health and beauty, motivational, metaphysical science and currently this eCommerce niche.

    As I am a metaphysical science enthusiast, I look forward to sharing more of my learning journey via another channel in the near future

    I am working with a team of graphic designers, article and video content creators and copywriters.


    Services provided:

    Article writing, Copywriting, Creating Article to Videos, Banner design, Logo design, Fortune telling & Relationship advice using destiny cards, Tarot cards, 


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