Vanness Wu And Arissa Cheo Have Split

It is official. Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu and Singaporean socialite turned fashion entrepreneur Arissa Cheo have officially gone their separate ways after five years of marriage being on the rocks. According to the Singapore law, it states that a marriage cannot be dissolved within three years without special reasons. Therefore, the couple had lived separately for three years and during this period, Arissa was not given any other alternatives after receiving two divorce papers from Vanness.

“My client does not believe in divorce but at this point she is left with no other alternative. She has worked hard for this marriage but given the unhappy state of affairs, she no longer wishes to continue to live in hurt and pain.” said Ms. Foo Siew Fong, lawyer of Eversheds Harry Elias LLP, in a statement.

In a relationship analysis point of view, both of them have a powerful attraction to each other and it was fate that brought them together. The relationship has some intensity to it and can be challenging at times. The two are very close and get along very well.

Even though Vanness and Arissa got married in a fairy tale wedding in November 2013 after dating on and off for seven years, clashing personalities, irreconcilable differences and Arissa’s lack of support for Vanness’ career were said to the reasons for their breakup.

Vanness denied rumours of a strained relationship by mentioning to the media that he was busy filming in China while his wife was occupied with her fashion business. However, the rumours were finally found to be true and the news did not come as a shock to fans and the public alike as the couple was seldom together since their angry exchange of words over an Instagram rant in 2014.

Arissa has the Jack of Hearts birth card, also known as The Card of Sacrifice through Love. Jack of Hearts people carry the spirit of higher love and everyone they associate with are in some way uplifted by their presence.

Vanness has the Six of Diamonds birth card, also known as the Card of Financial Responsibility. It may be in their destiny to keep working or they may fall into the slumps as a result of their inertia. Spiritually, Six of Diamonds people are required to settle karmic debts from past lives and their finances may go from one extreme to the other in this process.

In astrology point of view, could they also be lovers in their past life that never had the opportunity to be fully expressed and to fulfil some desires that were left incomplete in a former life? and it is now fulfilled?

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