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    It was in 2014 during the President’s Star Charity rehearsal when Shane Pow, Singaporean actor, better known as one of the eight dukes of MediaCorp, first met Kimberly Wang, who is currently a Radio Presenter and Producer at 987FM, and occasionally acts and hosts on the small screens.

    The real-life couple, nicknamed ‘powerly’ acted as lovers on screen and to them, being able to rehearse, and practice their lines to each other has more pros than cons. Some people say that working together may be a recipe for disaster for some couples, fortunately, they were able to work well together despite having some differences in opinions by discussing with each other and exchanging tips on how to improve. 

    Shane is a Five of Diamonds person (The Salesperson Card) and people whose birth cards are Five of Diamonds are usually restless, changeable and often averse to making a long-term relationship commitment as they want to explore and be adventurous.

    Kimberly is an Ace of Diamonds Person (The desire for Money and Love Card). It may be difficult for Ace of Diamond people to have both money and love at the same time. It might be their nature to focus on themselves/work and not able to attend to their partner.

    In a relationship point of view, they are strongly attracted to each other and this relationship has some intensity and can be challenging at times. Both are compatible and enjoy being together. They often seem to have been magically drawn together by forces beyond their control and sometimes, they sense this past-life/physic link sort of feeling about each other.

    “No one goes into a relationship to get out of a relationship.” Which he said during the one of the interviews with 8days Magazine back in 2017.” Just google their names and everyone can see how #couplegoals they are and most of their fans can feel their love for one another from their vlogs. Should either of them one day feel that he/she is not being recognised as a real person, communication will help in such a situation to ensure that they are back on track.

    Whatever challenges Shane and Kimberly may face presently or in future, be it commitment, or work issues, and let’s hope to hear their wedding bells soon. May the couple stay happy while working towards a common goal and travel together more often so that their fantasy of love and fulfilment never dies.

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