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    A police source told the New York Post that the apparent suicide of Katherine Noel Brosnahan, known professionally as the visionary founder of Kate Spade, was over family problems in her relationship. According to US celebrity website TMZ, “Bea – I have always loved you. This is not your fault. Ask Daddy!” was what Kate Spade’s suicide note which was left to her daughter. Kate was found unresponsive by her housekeeper in her bedroom in Manhattan.

    It is coincidental that both Kate Spade and her husband of 24 years, Andy Spade, are born on the same birthdate and based on the birth cards, it is the Seven of Hearts, The Spiritual Love Card.  Seven of Hearts people have a quest for the truth about love and relationships. They must learn to give and let go or suffer great pain and disappointment.

    In a relationship point of view, both couples have a powerful attraction to each other, like it is fated to be together. The relationship runs very smoothly without major challenges or problems. The two of them are very compatible and could get along in any situation they choose.

     Kate had been suffering with manic depression in the recent years but she was concerned that seeking treatment might tarnish the reputation of the Kate Spade Brand even though Kate has not been affiliated with the brand for more than a decade as it was sold in 2007.

    Her sister Reta mentioned that Kate might have been planning to end her life for some time.

    The daily card on the 5th of June was the Ace of Spades, The Search for Love Card. As the story is still developing at point of writing, without speculating too much, the Ace of Spades daily card may indicate a new love affair. According to TMZ, her husband Andy Spade reportedly moved out of the apartment and wanted a divorce. However, it was believed that he was in another room at the time of Kate’s death.

    Celebrities, friends and family are paying tribute to Kate Spade. As quoted by Ivanka Trump, “Kate Spade’s tragic passing is a passing is a painful reminder that we never truly know another’s pain or the burden they carry”

    The brand Kate Spade was launched together as a couple back in 1993 and even though it is one of the biggest names in female accessories today, money cannot buy happiness and depression do not discriminate. Be kind and love one another. Everyone’s fighting a battle that you cannot see.

    Rest in peace Katherine.

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