Trump Kim Summit -Reuters

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    Mr. Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea is the Six of Spades which is The Card of Fate. It is the strongest symbols of the law of Cause and Effect. As the saying goes, what you sow is what you reap, be it good or bad intentions. Six of Spades is a powerful card and these people must have the vision and set their sights to a higher purpose and achieve great success or else their power will be turned against them which might lead to their own downfall.

    Based on the National Day of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, it has the Two of Diamonds Card, also known as The Wheeler Dealer Card. Two of Diamonds’ will find more success if they discover their mission of making “deals” with partners and business relationships.

    Mr. Donald J. Trump, the leader of the United States of America, is the Three of Diamonds, which is The Undecided Values Card. Such people always know the right from the wrong although sometimes they tend to feign ignorance of their knowledge. Three of Diamonds people are very creative when it comes to business.

    Based on the United States Independence Day, it has the Jack of Diamonds, also known as The Financially Creative Card. In a positive aspect, Jack of Diamonds is clever, charming, independent, sharp, sociable, witty and the best salespeople in the zodiac. In the negative aspect, they can be immature and crafty.

    12th of June is definitely a date for the world to remember. All eyes will be on the two gentlemen as both are in Singapore, Capella Sentosa, for a historic first-ever meeting between the two countries with the hopes of ending seven decades of hostility and the threat of nuclear confrontation.

    As quoted by President Trump after the signing ceremony with Mr. Kim, “Great personality and very smart … worthy negotiator” & “I learned he’s a very talented man and I learned that he loves his country,”

    “Today we had a historic meeting and decided to leave the past behind.” Kim Jong Un also said that the world will see a major change.

    Overall, in terms of political partnership (compatibility), even though it will be good and challenging, the two countries will be ok. In fact, North Korea will benefit more from the partnership.

    The past doesn’t have to be the future and we will definitely be looking forward to a better world ahead.

    Source: Channel News Asia FB page.

    Image source: Trump Kim Summit -Reuters

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